Luxury Smatra Resort

Welcome to Luxury Sumatra Resort.

Is a quality accommodation at 30km south of Krui in the West Lampung province of Southern Sumatra.

We are 5 hours away from the closest airport in Bandar Lampung.
Luxury Sumatra is right in front of the longest and most consistent left hander in the region, “Ujung Bocur”, on the point of Tanjung Setia.

Due to the remoteness and long journeys for transfers, we offer a fixed package of 12 days at the Surf Camp, to fully enjoy the surf and the place.

The best way for getting to Luxury Sumatra is from Jakarta or Bali and taking a domestic flight (Jakarta to Bandar Lampung, flight codes CGK TGK), which can be booked through internet or from your local travel agent.
It is also an option taking a bus, ferry or car depending on your time or budget but this options are secondary and not recommended unless you are an adventurer.

Luxury Sumatra’s will send a car to pick up clients that are already in Bandar Lampung
* contact us for more info.

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